Hi and welcome! I’m currently working on my first Catholic friendly paranormal novel. I'm also working on a new Latin-English Rosary booklet which I'll be listing in my Etsy shop, along with the printable prayer cards and other Catholic items already in stock. I'm currently revamping my blog but it will be up again soon. In the meantime please sign up for my newsletter to get updated on my blog, shop, youtube channel and ebooks!


Forest of Thorns by Barbara Graver

Forest of Thorns

The old Mayfield Farm was the perfect home for Annabel and Michael Reilly’s young family, up until they discover the small overgrown cemetery at the edge of the woods. For Annabel, who chased ghosts all through high school and once dreamed of being a PA Paranormal investigator, the voices she records at the old cemetery are fascinating. For Michael, however, there is something sinister about the spot right from the start. "Forest of Thorns" will be available in early 2023.

Prayer of the Rosary in English and Latin Cover

Prayers of the Rosary

"Prayers of the Rosary in English and Latin" is an expanded version of my popular "The Rosary in English and Latin" trifold. People have really enjoyed the printable trifold but I wanted create a resource that people could use on their devices. This short ebooklet will feature all of the traditional Rosary prayers side by side in English and Latin - as well as my research into the use of the Rosary in spiritual warfare and the benefits of praying in Latin. Coming soon to my etsy shop!

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