Faith Based Blogging by Barbara Graver Book Cover

Faith Based Blogger


Faith Based Blogger is based on 10 plus years of blogging across multiple blogs.  It focuses on the basics of faith based blogging.  Topics include defining your blog's purpose, creating a professional looking blog for next to nothing, design tips, best writing practices and how to increase traffic without spending a dime.

New Age To Catholic by Barbara Graver Book Cover

From New Age to Catholic


New Age ideas and practices have become so mainstream that most people accept them without thinking twice. But the New Age is not what it seems. Based on direct supernatural experience, in depth interviews, and relevant research, Catholic writer and podcaster Barbara Graver shares her experience in the new age and occult and her eventual return to the church she left behind some twenty years earlier. 

The Day is at Hand by Barbara Graver Book Cover

The Day is at Hand


As part of team tasked with helping a local parish deal with an uptick in demonic activity, occult investigator Annabel Clarke returns to her hometown of Madison PA with everything intention of getting in and out fast - until she becomes the subject of an investigation headed by her ex-boyfriend detective Michael Evans. As the pressure mounts, Annabel begins to see eerie similarities between her own experience in Madison some ten years earlier and the events unfolding now. Is it her imagination? Or part of a much bigger pattern? And can she make Michael understand before it is too late?