My name is Barbara Graver.

I’m a faith based writer, podcaster and graphic designer.  I blog on the Catholic saints at Chasing the Saints and have two books in process: A nonfiction book called Faith Based Blogging and a Christian romantic suspense novel called The Day is at Hand.

I own an etsy shop called Catholic Book and Card that carries prayer cards and prayer pamphlets.  It’s my plan to eventually make some of my own short ebooks available there, too.

I have loved writing, reading and illustration ever since I remember.  When I was a child my most treasured possessions were my books.  Although it’s been a long haul since then, I still have three of my best loved books on my book shelf.  A book of children’s poetry, a book about a crow who questioned creation and discovered God and small white leather bound Bible.  All have beautiful illustrations.

When I was five or six I began illustrating my own stories and stapling the pages together to form my first books.  When I got a little older, I included text under my drawings.  In fifth grade, our teacher showed us how to make actual small books with Smyth sewn text and cloth covered boards.  Our assignment was to make one such book.  I made four.

I did a lot of art as well and was especially fond of sculpting, drawing and making illustrated greeting cards.

As a young girl, I always thought that I’d go to college to study art or writing or both.  But when the time came, I made the practical decision and studied nursing at a small Catholic college in Northeast PA.  I used all my electives, however, on English courses and published my poetry in the school’s literary magazine.  I graduated in 1985 with BS in Nursing and a minor in English.

 I worked as a nurse for over fifteen years, breaking to have babies and deal with family tragedies and go to school for graphic design at our local community college.  For a short time I even worked in the graphic design department of our local newspaper.  But no matter what I did books and writing were what I really loved.

Over the years, I’ve written a series of novels and authored a couple of popular blogs and ran a few different etsy shops.  I also left and returned to the Catholic faith after seven years of spiritual deception in the new age and the occult.

After coming back to the Church, I knew that my earlier novels and old blog and original etsy shop no longer reflected who I was or who I wanted to be.  It wasn’t easy to change but I was able to make a clean break with the past and begin again.

This website is part of that break.  In it I want to share resources on writing and books and etsy as well as my own ebooks and etsy listings.  After I wrap up the projects at hand, I plan to publish my testimony.  It’s the hardest story I’ve ever tried to tell.  Which probably means I need to tell it.

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