Returning to the Faith: My Testimony Part 2

September 19, 2020


Episode Summary

This podcast shares the 2nd half of my testimony about leaving the new age and occult and returning to the Catholic Church. In part 1 I talk about getting out of the occult. This video touches on that but includes my return to the Catholic Church. Both parts of my testimony are available on my YouTube channel as well as on the New Age To Catholic podcast. My apologies for the audio. It could be better but I decided to get this up instead of trying to find time to re-record.


This is the video episode of Returning To The Faith.  The audio is always a little better on the podcast version (because I have no idea how to clean up audio on a video) so if the audio quality of the video is problematic, please feel free to listen via the podcast player!

Media Info

The New Age To Catholic podcast is available on most popular podcast apps as well as on this website and dedicated podcast site at  I'm podcasting every other week for now.  But will update via the email list if I decide to to go up to weekly!

I am also doing most of my podcasts in video.  You can watch my videos by visiting (and hopefully following) my YouTube channel at  Or by checking out my video page here on the blog.

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