New Age To Catholic Intro Episode

September 5, 2020


Episode Summary  

I started this podcast to share info on modern day occultism, spiritual warfare and the many resources available to us as Catholics. In this introduction I talk a bit about the purpose of the podcast, my experience after leaving the new age and occult and why I finally returned to the Catholic faith.

The Doreen Virtue Groups

One of the things I talk about is my experience in the various online new age to Christian groups based around Doreen Virtue and her decision to leave the new age for Evangelical (Protestant) Christianity.  For me these groups were not a good fit.  But this is nothing against Protestants.  

I attended two different Protestant churches before I returned to the Church and the people really were lovely.  So for me, the negatives, were purely online experiences which tend to be negative kind of as  rule.

My Next New Age To Catholic Podcast

I'm going to share a bit more of my experience after leaving the new age and occult next episode.  After that we'll talk a bit about St. Ignatius and spiritual warfare.

And please remember, if there is anything you'd like me to address in the podcast please leave a message in the comments and I will get to it!

May God bless us all <3

Episode Transcript

Hi everybody, this is Barbara Graver and I’d like to welcome you to the very first episode of New Age To Catholic.  And I decided to start this podcast because as many of you know I was involved in the new age and the occult for many years and I got out of the new age in 2017. And at that time a lot of the people I knew who had come out of the new age and a lot of the groups that were popular on Facebook and a lot of the media was pretty much for people who had gone from the new age to Evangelical  Christianity. I think because that's what Doreen  Virtue did she became Evangelical.

So I got involved in that and I did um join an Evangelical  church which was not a good fit and then later I joined the Pentecostal  church which I really enjoyed I i like the Pentecostal  church but I really was called to go back to the Catholic faith and I’m gonna do a part two of my testimony.  The testimony that is available now on this podcast is the first part of my testimony that I did not long after really I got out of the new age so that's not really my complete testimony - a lot happened after that - a lot happened to me spiritually: I went to israel which was a really life-changing experience and I came back and I returned to the Church.  So I will be making a part two of my testimony and be sharing it here.

But what I want to just talk about a little bit today is coming out of the new age and returning to Catholicism a lot of people who are involved in the new age and occult - who got involved in the new age and occult - were Catholic prior like I was.  And I think when they come out because Doreen  Virtue is such a strong influence they tend to kind of be sort of funneled in to some of these online Evangelical  (New Age To Christian) groups and there's nothing -  I’m not saying anything against those groups but I know that they're quite critical, some of them,  of other approaches to Christianity and quite vocal in particular.  I think they're critical of the Charismatics they're certainly critical of the Hyper Charismatics and they're critical of the Catholics and they're critical of other Evangelical (and Protestants)  who don't really share their specific take on things.

And you get a lot of that online I think no matter what kind of group you're you're involved in I think for whatever reason the internet just kind of brings that out in people - but I know for me personally, and I’m kind of sad to say this, but I just didn't have the grounding in Catholicism to really understand I don't think when people were objecting to the faith why that was wrong - why that was inaccurate.
For example in Evangelical  Christianity and in in Protestantism in general they believe in sola scriptura and that means scripture alone that was kind of the rallying call of Martin Luther and the idea is that all Christian truth is contained in the Bible and essentially if it's not in the Bible it's irrelevant to the faith there is no there is no truth outside what is contained in scripture.  

The Catholic Church  on the other hand believes in tradition (plus scripture) - they believe that many of the traditions of the Church though not explicitly spelled out in the Bible did pass and continuously from the early Church fathers in the very early Christian church.  And there is some proof of this that uh we can find so my point here is not to argue that Catholics are right or Protestants are right.  I mean that's the decision people have to make for themselves and I would not presume to make that decision for anyone.  

But what I what I do want to say is that when I was faced with those kind of criticisms about Catholicism. that various beliefs about the Eucharist. or beliefs about the Blessed Mother were false because they weren't explicitly in scripture - I didn't know what to say.   I thought that was right.  I thought obviously the Church is wrong and that was just the lack of a proper education on my part because it's not that the Church is wrong it's that the Church has a different standard really than many of the Protestant denominations.  

And obviously if people want to base everything on the Bible alone that's certainly their right and I think that it's fine to do that.  I think that the Bible is the revealed word of God but I think that also it can lead to some problems when you have people interpreting things their own way and kind of going to scripture to prove their points.  I think sometimes it could get a little dicey.  But anyhow at any rate my point is the reason I decided to start this podcast is because I just wanted to put something out there for people leaving the new age or people who have not been involved in the new age who have questions about it who are Catholic.

And I think that it's important for people to realize that going back to your Catholic faith to your Catholic roots after being involved in the new age and call is definitely an option.  You do not have to necessarily be Protestant just because that's what a lot of people are doing.  And as I learned that may that wasn't a good fit for me personally so it may not be a good fit for you.  And I also hope this will be useful to people who may have a loved one who's left the Church who's involved in the new age or even someone who's in the Church who is incorporating some of these new age teachings that are essentially occult in origin into their life just to help people understand how dangerous that is.

I was in the new age and occult for seven solid years and really honestly I dabbled all my life before that -  and in that time I was all in I explored everything - and if you listen to the first part of my testimony you'll you'll get an appreciation for that I think.  But I just wanted this to be kind of a resource for people who may want to learn about the new age and occult that is so pervasive in our society - or may be looking for support in returning to their Catholic roots.  And I hope it will do that.

So I haven't really decided to be honest how often I’m going to do the podcast I was doing a podcast previously and I set out to podcast every week and it became just a little overwhelming so I’m toying with the idea of doing possibly a monthly podcast - but we'll see.  This is going to be super casual podcast I’m going to try to give information on it answer questions I encourage anyone who would like me to address a specific topic about the new age or Catholicism - I’m definitely not an expert on Catholicism but I do like to research and I will do my best-  I encourage you to shoot me email at with any questions or comments you might have on the podcast and I will do my best to address them in future.  

And you also could refer to my website I do have a website for the podcast which is New Age to Catholic so you're welcome to check out that website and I’m going to be posting the episodes on my regular website

And other things they have out there if you're interested I have a blog on the Catholic saints it's called - it's at and the reason I started this is just because there is so much that we can learn from the saints and we're really the recipients of a wonderful heritage from the saints because they've left us their teachings and their writings and their by autobiographies and windows into their lives and what they struggled with.  And they did struggle.  I mean they weren't just floating around on a cloud the whole time that they were living they were struggling.  And a lot of what they had to overcome and the way they were able to overcome it is so relevant to us today.

I've been studying Saint Ignatius  .  Father Timothy Gallagher has a series of books on Ignatian spirituality and Ignatian spirituality is essentially - it's spiritual discernment - it's essentially spiritual warfare.  And most of us who were involved in the new age or the occult really need this kind of information.  And it's been hugely helpful for me so I have a series - I’m not doing the series like week in week out -  I’ll do a post in the series and I’ll do something else and I’ll come back to it because it takes me time to digest this things like the rules of Saint Ignatius   aren't something you could just like read through in a weekend and then have then feel like you've got it because you've really got to read it digest it apply it to your life and evaluate it.  But it's  really helpful to me.

And there's just all kinds of resources I’d like to share on here for people that I find so helpful I and Ignatian spirituality is one of those - which you can read my series on that on my blog at at -  but I just want to make this kind of a casual podcast.  I’m not going to be doing much editing so it's not going to be perfect but I do hope that it'll be a resource for people who are looking to learn just a little bit about the occultism that's so prevalent in our society and about the Catholic faith which I love.

So again if you have any questions on the podcast or anything you'd like me to address feel f please feel free to email me at and I will be getting the second part of my testimony up here and deciding on a topic for next week.

I may talk about I will probably talk about Ignatian spirituality and spiritual warfare because that's been something that I’ve been very involved with lately.  So as to when it'll be if it's going to be next week or in a couple weeks - I’m going to have to see because part of doing the podcast for me is I have a lot going on.  I’m working on a book New Age To Catholic about my experience in the new age and how and why I returned to the Church and I have the Chasing The Saints blog I also have Etsy shop which is a printable shop - which is

So I have a lot of different things I’m doing and the podcast is one piece so I’m gonna have to keep it casual and keep it short and we'll see how it goes.  So I hope that this might be something that will be of interest to you and if you have any questions please feel free to email.  So I will see you soon and this is Barbara Graver from New Age To Catholic and may God bless!

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