Envisioning My Calling (Purpose, Vision & Mission Statements)

September 7, 2020

I got my certification as a Christian Life Coach a year ago last July.  Since then, I've struggled to define my niche. 

Recently, I did some creativity coaching and liked it.  So I decided to sit in on a few of my school's live coaching calls and get some practice in.

As luck would have it, my first call was on the topic of crafting a purpose, vision and mission statement.

According to the instructor, the general idea behind these statements is that 'purpose' is why you're doing what you do, 'vision' is the how you see yourself doing it and 'mission' is what you intend to actually accomplish. 

How Writing My Statements Helped Me

Writing my purpose, vision, and mission statements helped me achieve focus.  It also helped me get a handle on how much work I could reasonably do and how I could be most effective.  

These were things I'd been struggling with for some time.

My Purpose 

The first step was to narrow my "why" into one statement.  NOT two or three or ten!  I began with prayer.  Then I asked myself questions to try to figure what was most important. 

Such as:

What topic do I like to read about or watch on YouTube?  What problems have I overcome?  How did I overcome them?  What do I know how to do?  What are my talents and abilities?  What are my biggest concerns?

I wrote all these things down and highlighted those I felt drawn to.  Two stood out. They shaped my purpose statement.

My purpose:

To share information and resources on spiritual warfare and the Catholic faith.

My Vision

At first it seemed odd to call the how-to statement a "vision" but then I realized that what this really meant was that I had to be able to see what was most important and then see myself actually doing it.  

I saw the ebook as something I wanted to do. I could see myself working on the book several mornings per week but NOT if I was producing an avalanche of media at the same time. 


So I came up with a revised blog, printable and podcast plan. It's specific and detailed.  I'll  be adding to my content planner (the one I designed is available on etsy) so I can keep track of it.

My vision: 

I will produce 2 media posts per week and 1 to 2 ebooks per year.

My Mission

The mission statement was actually the easiest part to do.  This is because the mission is really just a combination of the why and the how (purpose and visions statements) you've already written.  And, if it isn't, that mission isn't ever going to happen.

My mission is: 

I share information and resources on spiritual warfare and the the Catholic faith via online media, kindle ebooks and pdf printables.

What This Means

I listened in on the coaching call because I wanted to up my coaching game and claim my niche.  So it's a little ironic that - in crafting my purpose, vision and mission statements - I realized that doing face to face life coaching was one of several things I had to cut.

While I may still coach a bit here or there, for now at least, writing, media and design are my focus.  And I'm okay with that.  Because the clarity I have now is something I really did need.

For more on my school please visit NewLifeCoachInc.org.

Disclaimer. There are different ways to write these statements. This is the one I was taught and found helpful.

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