The Librarian of Boone's Hollow

August 20, 2020

The Librarian of Boone's Hollow tells the story of Addie and Emmett, two young people making the best of a difficult time in our country's history.  

The story is made made up of the small and large events in the lives of ordinary people in 1930's Kentucky.  Addie Cowherd is in her third year of college in Lexington when her father loses his job and she is forced to leave school and take a job in Boone's Hollow Kentucky.  Emmett Tharp is a college grad whose new business degree doesn't guarantee him a job - or a future.

The two meet briefly at the college and then again, after leaving school, in Boone's Hollow - Emmett's home town.

As Addie struggles for acceptance, Emmett works to fit in with family and friends with whom he is no longer close.  The attraction Addie and Emmett feel for each other rings true because it is based on shared interests and values, as much as it is physical attraction.

I appreciated the way the author made the setting come alive and complexity of supporting characters like Bettina Webber.  While I do think that the character of Addie might have been more interesting with a flaw or two, I had no problem connecting with her and stayed up late to find out how her story would end.

In summary this is a lovely well told story Christian love story set in an engaging time and place.

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