My Testimony: From New Age to Christian

July 30, 2020

About This Episode

This episode was actually recorded in 2018.  I wanted to carry it over to my new podcast,  The Creative Journey (yes I have actually decided on a name!) because my experience in the new age was, and in some ways, continues to play a big part in the way I express myself creatively and the spiritual warfare that I continue to struggle with.

While I thought this was my full testimony (in a general sense) when I recorded it, I now realize that it is only part one.  So this first half of my testimony deals with my experience in the new age and occult and  my journey from New Age seeker to Christianity. 

But a lot has happened over the last two years and in many ways my perspective of past events has changed as well.  So I'll be recording the second part of my testimony soon.  In it, I'll be filling in the blanks, talking about my experience with evangelical and charismatic Christianity and explaining how my journey eventually led me back home to the Catholic faith I had left behind some 20 years before.

So please check back!

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