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August 8, 2020

My Etsy History  

When I was active in the new age and occult I had an etsy shop called the Mystic Emporium.  I sold occult stuff (which is always a very easy sell) and while I worked at the shop sporadically, everything I listed sold -  with a wide profit margin.

I closed that shop in 2017 not long after I shut down my home tarot reading biz, quit teaching tarot locally and discontinued my popular metaphysical blog.  

My False Etsy Start

I started a new shop in 2018.  I called the shop Bible Art and Craft.  At first I was going to do Bible art, then I was going to make rosaries, then I was going to sculpt or at least repair Holy statues, then I was going to buy vintage religious items at local flea markets and sell them in the shop.  

In some ways each of those ideas made sense.  I do like art and rosary making and I love buying (though not necessarily selling) old religious stuff.  But the truth is that I don't love any of those things enough to do it all day long which is kind of what a successful Etsy shop requires - at least in the beginning, in my experience.

Doing What We Love

I try to be a person, more or less, who does what needs to be done.  I have a family and a garden and a partially remodeled house and all of those things require discipline.  But I like the things that I don't have to discipline myself to do best.  Things like reading and writing and journaling and digital design.

These are the things that I can do for hours and while I'm doing them I completely lose track of time.  I lose track of time so completely in fact that if I don't do my housework first and set phone alarms for gardening and remodeling and dinner it gets done late or sometimes not at all.

The funny thing is, this is something I've known about myself since I was a kid.  And yet, in the years in between, I got a nursing degree, worked as an RN for fifteen years, made stained glass, learned to sculpt, became a card reading and tarot teacher and remodeled 3 houses (5 units) from top to bottom - not including this one which is still in process.

Not a single one of those things came easy to me.  And I sometimes thing I may have used up the better part of my life allotment of discipline in doing them.

I did do some things I like over the years too - like graphic design school and novel writing and blogging - but these were always side gigs.  I have always had a tendency to marginalize what I liked best.  

The reason?  One part part wanting to provide for my family.  One part people pleasing.  One part low self-esteem.  

The providing for the people part is understandable and to some degree most of us need to do this.  The people pleasing part, for me at least, has always been about wanting people to validate me.  Because the truth is I like it when people say things like congrats on your promotion or that's a great stained glass lampshade or look at all the cash you made at the psychic fair or thank you (which you hear more than you might think in nursing).  

The low self-esteem part has to do with the need for validation certainly.  But I think that what is at the root of it for me is the idea that what I like doesn't matter.  I would even go so far as to say that this has been an issue all my life.  

So I've had to work at reframing it.

The Fine Art of Reframing

I know that ignoring what I love (and what I'm good at) is a way of not honoring who I am.  But reality of it is even bigger.  Because ignoring what we love to do is also ignoring  the talents that God has given us.

That doesn't make us bad people.  But it does make a little ungrateful to He who made us - as well as very out of sync with His plan for our lives.

It also makes life a LOT harder.

Those six or seven hours that fly by when I'm writing or designing can move very slowly when I'm doing other things and I'm guessing, that if you have the same problem, you're a little like me. It's not like we never get caught up in or enjoy other things but there is a sense, just the same, of continually moving against the current.

This can be tiring which is why I believe that when we get the chance we should do what we love and go with the flow of being the people we're meant to be.

Bringing This to Etsy

With Etsy, this translates into filling our shops with things we love to make.

It may take a bit of thinking or journaling or praying but if we keep at it we will find that thing that fits our innate interests and talent and makes sense.

For me (I have finally realized) this means Catholic printables, like vintage style prayer cards and bookmarks, to start, and other items over time.  And I'm hoping that it will also mean PDF versions of some of my own short nonfiction ebooks when I get them done.

And it meant starting this second blog to be accountable and to write a bit about my shop's progress and my writing progress and whatever else may come.

By the end of July I hope to have at least four items in my flagship prayer card line.  Which sounds so much easier than it really  But that's okay.

Because I love doing it.
You can visit my shop on etsy at or browse my listing in the Shop right here on this website.  And please let me know what you think.  

More prayer cards coming soon!

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